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Quality Electric Construction and Maintenance Corp. - Electricians | Ardmore, OK

Quality Electric Construction and Maintenance Corp. of Ardmore, OK is Mine Safety Health Administration (MSHA) certified.

Electrical mining Mining grounds
  • Electrical mining at rock quarry mines (surface mining)

  • Rock quarries and limestone

  • Office wiring - serious mining equipment is electrically powered as often as the gas is powered

  • Electrical ground tests

Exclusive mining work

The mine companies are required to conduct an annual test for each mine to stay compliant with MSHA rules and regulations.


Superior electrical grounding tests

Hire us for high-quality electrical work on

crushers, conveyors,

feeder motors, sump

pumps, generators,

fueling tanks, MCCs, and major outdoor lighting.

We're a licensed, bondable

and insured business.

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